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René Ismail

Founder and CEO

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René was born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where he attended the Beacon School. In the summer of 2022, René graduated from Boston University, where he studied business management & administration, as well as international economics in the Frederick S. Pardee School. Regionally, René's cardinal focus centered on the Middle East and Africa (MEA), with a keen interest in financial services, disruptive technology and sociopolitical development.


René, a distinguished analyst for Bloomberg LP, has cultivated profound expertise in capital markets, specializing in primary issuance within the corporate bond sector. Leveraging Bloomberg’s exceptional suite of products, data, and software, René and his team equip banking clients and Terminal users with the tools needed to make well-informed financial decisions and real-time investments.

During his tenure at the Vivaldi Group, René collaborated closely with renowned Fortune 500 companies, delivering invaluable support spanning litigation, quantitative data analytics, and strategic consulting services. His commitment to driving success and impactful outcomes encompassed diverse domains, such as product positioning, branch architecture, and go-to-market strategies for B2B and B2C ventures.

Motivated by his background in management consulting and brand strategy, René continuously seeks innovative ways to unlock individuals' full potential across professional, creative, and personal spheres. This fervent dedication propelled him and his team to establish the RAI House — an endeavor designed to provide local artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, and authors with the vital resources needed to elevate brand engagement and amplify influence.


Felix Levine

Senior Partner and Board Member

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As an accomplished entrepreneur hailing from Brooklyn, Felix epitomizes an exceptional blend of creative prowess and visionary leadership. His illustrious journey commenced nearly four years ago when he spearheaded the groundbreaking podcast "Where's This Going" from the confines of his collegiate dorm. Earning resounding global recognition, this trailblazing podcast has garnered over one million downloads & views across nearly 65 countries. The show's international impact stands as a resounding testament to Felix's ability to connect influential figures spanning the realms of politics, world-class athletics, entertainment and corporate leadership.

Felix masterfully showcases his commanding breadth in the realm of podcasting through his co-hosting of the immensely popular true-crime series, "The Oddest Couple". This captivating collaboration, alongside former Gotti-family hitman John Alite, effortlessly captures the collective imagination of audiences by unearthing some of New York's most enthralling narratives.

Unveiling his exceptional entrepreneurial acumen, Felix recently embarked on his own business venture by establishing Lynx, a pioneering technology startup poised to ascend as the preeminent "going-out app for tonight". With an unwavering commitment to reshaping the landscape of entertainment discovery and shared experience, this innovative enterprise leverages cutting-edge technology to redefine the parameters of social engagement


In his capacity as our senior partner, Felix brings forth an extensive reservoir of expertise, firmly substantiated by the resplendent metrics of his podcast and his adroit ability to build strategic alliances within his professional network. Driven by his multifaceted background and unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, his invaluable presence serves to enhance our team's dedication to delivering unparalleled creative consulting services.


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